I know words aren’t as exciting or pretty as pictures (at least, not when I write them!) But, I feel like I owe a debt of words to get up to date on the past few weeks. To make this a bit more fun and interesting, I’m going to try this in haiku-form. Here we go!

Here are some haikus

Illustrating some highlights

Of my life of late

In the capital

A weekend of luxury

Film Fest VIP

Two productive days

Film-making with youth leaders


Student home visits

An end of year gathering

Making great progress

Three weeks well-spent in

A glass house on the water

Pleasant peace and quiet

Lots of reflecting

What is the meaning of life?

To find happiness?

Mountain climb at night

Couldn’t feel my legs for days

Vale la pena

Playing drumsĀ again

Making music come alive

Feeling the rhythm

Weekends with great friends

Enjoying life together

Sharing food and smiles

Feeling so grateful

Remembering to create

Talking with loved ones

Where and what is home?

The peopleĀ in my full heart

Hope to see you soon


A Conversation with Gustavo Esteva

When I visited Oaxaca, Mexico about a month ago now, I had the honor of sitting down to talk with Gustavo Esteva, a revolutionary thinker that I greatly admire, for about an hour. And he let me record it to share with the world! This conversation had a very powerful impact on me, and I hope it does the same for you.

There are 7 videos – please watch them all!