Carlos and Chema

I work with these two beautiful souls, Carlos and Chema. Both are from San Juan la Laguna and are proud of their heritage. Carlos, the youngest of 11 siblings, is actually Chema’s uncle. These two could not be more different, but I end up spending a lot of time with just the two of them in our work with Unlocking Silent Histories¬†and we always have a blast.¬†Working with Carlos and Chema, among other indigenous youth, to create documentaries that tell their stories from their perspectives is the most fulfilling work I’ve ever been a part of. They’re a constant source of inspiration.


If you haven’t booked a ticket to come visit yet…

Guatemala seems to be getting a lot of travel press, recently, and I can attest that it is well-deserved. So, if you were thinking about coming to visit and you need to know a bit more, or are looking for a few reasons to push you over the edge, here are ten great reasons to visit Guatemala!

And if you’re too lazy to click that link and read all those words, here’s the number one reason to visit:


See ya soon?