About Santiago Atitlan

Santiago Atitlan, the pueblo I call home, has a rich and remarkable history spanning thousands of years – from ancient Mayan civilization to more recent events, there is much to learn about this town and the endurance of its people.

While I am still constantly deepening my knowledge of this place, here are some links to information, news articles, stories, and photo essays that I’ve found helpful in illuminating the social, political, and physical history of Santiago Atitlan:

Santiago Atitlan Homepage

A project of K’aslimaal, this website is a veritable wealth of information on Santiago Atitlan and surrounding communities around the lake. Here, you can learn about the town’s Mayan past, religious and artistic traditions, social projects, local events, and more.

Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala – a Human Rights Victory

This website is a photo essay on the struggles of the people of Santiago Atitlan to rid their community of the presence of the brutal military and to develop and peaceful and prosperous village. The site details the events leading up to and following the December 1990 massacre, when 11 civilians were murdered by the Guatemalan army – the martyrs of 1990. The information is presented by the Travel Health Information and Referral Website.

Guatemalan History of War in Santiago Atitlan

This short documentary, from Las Casas – Make Life Fair, brings you personal interviews and documented tours to advocate for truth and educate the story behind the tragic history of violence in Guatemala, centering mostly on the assassination of Father Stanley Rother in 1981.

Mudslides Devastate Mayans in Guatemala

This article from the Washington Post provides a vivid description of the mudslide that occurred in Santiago in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Stan, as well as its devastating effects on the community. Many of the women and children I am working with through Natik were directly impacted by this disaster.


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