Scholarship Student Video Debut!

Here is the video I made with our scholarship students! Please excuse the poor audio – microphones to come!

See the video and more on Natik’s blog.


This Sunday, I went with my new co-worker, Dolores, to meet some of the students who are receiving scholarships through our program. The students meet every Sunday at the Puerta Abierta Library, here in Santiago. This past Sunday, there were 9 students there, working on homework, reading, and studying together.

I had the opportunity to interview each of them for a short video I’ve been working on, that will be used as a part of Natik’s upcoming online fundraising campaign. More to come on that, but for now, I must say that these students are pretty incredible. Some of them spoke with such passion and enthusiasm about their studies and their hopes for the future, others demonstrated tremendous critical insight as they reflected on the impact of education on their lives.

I took portraits of each of the students to send to their sponsors in the U.S. This is one of my favorites, of Maria I.